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    Article code [541 T LED]producers: FB Braga

    List price: 1983€
    Cristalensi price: 999€
    VAT included

    Frame in Silver Leaf. The line Vesta is designed to be easily perzonalizzabile and integrated into a variety of environments. The original light effect is enhanced by the use of LEDs. 
    Mount 26 bulbs 10W 12V G4 + 3 LED x1W the base of the threads. 
    Separate switches for LEDs and G4 double light intensity. 
    The wires are brass piagabili then cooked in any form. 
    Dimensions: 28x28 cm base. height 200 cm

    You find the product in the category: Ultramodern floor lamps


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    VESTA FLOOR LAMP FB Braga - Ultramodern floor lamps